Assessment Criteria

Projects/ Achievements submitted by eligible applicants will be assessed using the information submitted on the entry form via our website against the following?

For Organizational Awards; Categories under these segments are assigned to women-oriented Organisations 

Efficiency and Effectiveness –   Show evidence of recognizable and measurable achievement.  

Innovation- How creative has the organization or individual been in executing their mandate. Show evidence of innovative ideas implemented. 


Individual Awards, Recipients of the individual categories of the award are recognized for outstanding conceptual contribution:

Period of Service– Not less than one year serving in current position ( Kindly note that this applies only to those in paid employment.)

Innovation– Out of the box initiatives implemented

Leadership– Success of the institutions she works for or owns.

Integrity– Professional work ethics and good public image

Commitment– Demonstrate commitment to agencies mandate and the nations development.

Achievement– Show key success and contribution your chosen field and profession.

Inspiration Award: Recognizes a woman who inspires others through her work, ideas and example. The recipient of the Inspiration Award will demonstrate an unwavering passion and commitment for a particular cause or idea. She is a role model who is making a difference in the lives of others.

Leadership Award: Recognizes a woman who is a bold, well-known leader who others choose to emulate. The recipient of the Leadership Award will have a proven record of growth, success and influence in her profession or community.

Game Changer Award: Recognizes a woman who has made significant contributions in her field or community that has lead to inspiring change and/or innovation. The Game Changer recipient will be someone who is comfortable breaking the mold. She will have been the impetus for a new idea or thought process that positively influenced her profession or community.

Business Excellence Award

 Recognizes a woman who has demonstrated achievement, growth and success in a particular industry. The recipient of the Business Excellence Award understands the importance of innovative ideas, education, competent decision-making, mentoring and community service.

Diversity and Inclusiveness Award

This award recognizes that the strength to pursue personal goals is not limited to a single age group nor gender, skillset or world of work. The recipient of this award has met with challenges that may have discriminated against them because of their physical differences or any other human rights issues such as race, age, gender or sexuality.

Trailblazer Award

A woman who has broken barriers in the workplace or business community in the category of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, innovation or research. She is a catalyst for change and has made a significant contribution as a business leader. With her entrepreneurial spirit, she has a proven track record of her success.

Unsung Hero Award

A woman who has made a significant contribution to empower, advance, advocate, or support women in Canada. She is a service leader and role model in the public sector that demonstrates extraordinary leadership, commitment to cause, courage, and integrity.

Indigenous Leader Award

The recipient of the Indigenous Leader Award is a trailblazer. She is a woman who leads by her example to empower those around her. She is a business leader, entrepreneur, or professional who is making an impact in her community.

 Rising Leader Award

This award is open to young women with a go-getter mindset and a drive that ignites her spirit to achieve beyond expectation. Their dedication to their cause, inspire our young leader to dream big.

 Lifetime Achievement Award

The recipient of this award is an extraordinary woman who has manifested a legacy that continues to inspire others. She has dedicated her life to the advancement of others and paved the way for the leaders of tomorrow. She is recognized as an ambassador for women through her extraordinary dedication, personal achievements, and service to others through mentorship, philanthropy, and business.

Mentorship Award

The recipient of this award is an extraordinary woman who has manifested a legacy that continues to inspire others. She has dedicated her life to the advancement of others and paved the way for the leaders of tomorrow

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